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August 12, 2012
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She woke up in a hospital bed, blinded by the light at first, and looked around seeing a blue t-shirt with Tobuscus on it in brick letters and in sharpie Toby Turner, and a red rose ontop. She tried to turn and pick up the rose but instead was stopped by a sharp pain in her left shoulder.

Suddenly, the door opened and a nurse was in the doorway. "Oh, good your awake" Said the nurse "There is someone who wants to see you" she stepped back to reveal the young man she had saved. The nurse left closing the door.

"I'd like to thank you for saving my life" He started, "How are you feeling?"

"Good except for my shoulder is still pretty hurt, and don't worry about thanking me you seemed like a nice guy when you ordered you coffee that day" She answered.

"Oh, your not a fan of my vlogs?" He asked.

"No, I've only seen you around Starbucks with your Macbook," She answered, "I don't even really know you name, but I'm guessing it's Toby Turner"

"Your guess is correct, now what's your name?" Toby asked.

"Katherine, Katherine Morris" She answered, "How long have I been in here"

"Two or three days, they stitched up your shoulder," He answered "Is there anything I could do to repay you?"

"No need to, once I get out of here I'll go back to my house I'll manage" She insisted.

"I have to do something, what about paying the hospital bill, because it was mostly me that got you into this" He replied.

"Don't blame yourself for this it was the creep that wanted to shoot you that did this" She said, "And I couldn't let you pay my bill I can handle it" ...Sorta

"Well, the docter did tell me you didn't need to live alone while your shoulder is injured this bad, how about you stay with me while you recover?" He asked.

Obviously there was no stopping him, he was going to repay her no matter what. "Ok, I guess that makes sense, fine I'll stay with you while I recover" She gave in to his kindness and he gave her a huge smile.

"Great, well the docter said that you can go home in a few days, so I'll pick you up then" He promised and walked out the door.

Toby - Who? Chapter 1by Ashfurizdehgr8t393

Literature / Prose / Fiction / General Fiction / Introductions & Chapters©2012-2015 Ashfurizdehgr8t393
Chapter 1 still pretty short but the chapters get longer
oceanstar932 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013
ok ok ok wait-- she knows this guy for like, a minute and now she's moving in with him? don't get me wrong, i like it and want to see where it's going, but if i save a guys life, i wouldn't move in with him the moment i wake up. Heart Heart again, just trying to get a point across, not trying to be overly critical 
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